Beauty vs. Battle

Darwin found that “beauty is sometimes even more important than success in battle,” and the male most likely to succeed in leaving progeny is the one most capable of capturing the female’s attention.



Ok, no more battle, let’s put on some make up!  >.~

I had never thought that sometimes beauty was more important than battle for males. I was surprised!


“I’m gorgeous.”  (Beauty is more important than winning the battle.)



Malthus and Darwin

“Malthus argued that the human race would overrun the earth if not held in check by war, famine and disease.” Darwin got an idea from him and said that, ” As the better-adapted survive and the ill-adjusted were eliminated each creature would tend to improve in relation to the conditions it lived in.”

Isn’t Darwin very clever? I don’t really see the related between these things that Darwin and Malthus said. 😦

I think what Malthus say is true. The population of people grow faster and faster and the resources aren’t enough for everyone. Wars and diseases reduce population and everyone get enough supplies. However, war destroy environment and can make things worst.

Don’t get me wrong!!!

I didn’t mean that people should go to war and kill each others, so that we can get enough supplies. I just compare the present to the past when there weren’t many people, abundant of forest and resources.

Thomas Robert Malthus

He was born in 1766 and died in 1834. He was a British economist and sociologist.


Before the clum…

“Before the clumsy hand of man interfered, tortoises in these islands had a life expectance of well over a century. Two centuries of indiscriminate slaughter pushed them to brink of extinction.”

Then people are really the main cause of extinction. Only if people don’t interfere with them, we could find a lot of them right now. It is a sad thing to know that most of them are already extinct. On the other hand, if we keep slaughter them, don’t you think someday in a million years ahead, we will get massacre ourselves?

Tortoise in the Galapagos islands




It is so HUGE !!!

Aristotle had m…

“Aristotle had maintained that there was a natural procedure from plants to plant-animals to animals and then, by graduated steps, to man.”

Does this mean we come from plants or used to be plants with green stems!? I can’t believe this; I used to have green body with leaves. It was unbelievable that animals evolve from plants because plants don’t even have eyes or ears.